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The dilemma for UKIP

Strange to relate but the UK Independence Party did both well and badly in the recent general election. They did well, in that their total vote went up by 51% and their overall vote share rose to 3.1%. UKIP’s vote has grown consistently over the last decade. They do much less well than in European… » read more

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A bit of a problem!

I think it’s reasonable to say that the Euro election results present the European Movement with something of a challenge! The real joke is that pro-Europeans are taunted with representing the established view when in reality publishing pro-European sentiments is becoming like anti Soviet samizdat – passed furtively from hand to hand between dissidents! On… » read more

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As the UK’s foremost pro-European organisation aiming at communicating positive ideas about Europe as well as encouraging civil society to take part in debates on contemporary global problems and the role the EU should play in defending its citizens’ interests, the European Movement would like to invite its members, and all those with an interest… » read more

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