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While the debate on Britain’s membership of the EU focuses on the loosely defined notion of “sovereignty” it ignores the fundamental principle at the core of European integration. In its simplest terms, the European Union exists to widen access to international markets and increase the competitiveness of each member state within the Union. The issues… » read more

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If all government spending was subject to the same amount of scrutiny the EU budget is then maybe the world (certainly public finances) would be in a better state. Watching EU member states labour over what accounts for a mere 1% of government spending makes one wonder. Some of the statesmen and stateswomen who point… » read more

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Seldom does a Prime Minister display such lack of diplomatic common sense as David Cameron does when it comes to his EU policy. From lecturing in a patronising fashion from the side-lines to exercising an ineffective and unnecessary veto, Mr Cameron has managed to alienate and baffle in equal measure his European partners. But this… » read more

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