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A small victory for the forces of light against the Dark Empire today, with a retraction by the Daily Express of its ludicrous allegation that the European Commission wanted to ban milk jugs.

The London representation of the Commission explains its original objection here:

And the Daily Express website today carries what it calls an apology here – – although to whom it is apologising is not entirely clear.

As a story, it was a pretty silly one, and I don’t suppose anyone who was positively disposed towards the European Union will have had their opinion changed by it, but it is part of an overall background noise that confirms eurosceptics in their anti-EU position. We have grown familiar with this over the years, but we should never get used to it.

What is this shows conclusively is the way the British eurosceptic media works. This story has no connection with the European Union at all, but a British tabloid newspaper is so desperate to publish material critical of the EU that it will try and twist anything it can in the direction it wants to go. And these are the people who complain that the EU cannot be trusted by the public …

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  1. Well, the logo of the Daily Express almost proudly professes their Europhobia.

    As to why British people buy tabloid newspapers is beyond me. I’ve never seen the tabloids thrive anywhere as much as they do in Britain. It’s like British people are proud of their ignorance!

  2. Well said Joe. 100% correct. It is an unfortunate fact that most of the British people believe everything they read in the “news” papers.
    In the end it comes down to our first past the post electoral system. It should be changed to PR.

  3. @Joe:

    “Well, the logo of the Daily Express almost proudly professes their Europhobia.”

    “almost proudly”, well that’s an almost rational comment. Their logo is obviously meant to symbolise patriotism, and if you equate patriotism with “Europhobia”, then you’re making their point for them.

    Their readers would have no difficulty in believing that the EU was behind some new, non-sensical elf-en-safety legislation. Neither would the readers of the Guardian, if it comes to that. It’s not (in itself) evidence of how cruddy the tabloids are.

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