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A bit of a problem!

I think it’s reasonable to say that the Euro election results present the European Movement with something of a challenge! The real joke is that pro-Europeans are taunted with representing the established view when in reality publishing pro-European sentiments is becoming like anti Soviet samizdat – passed furtively from hand to hand between dissidents! On the other hand, like many dissidents, we are fighting for a great cause that has to be kept alive if any of us are to have a hope of surviving.

This is no exaggeration! If the European Union doesn’t survive and flourish after the horrors European faced during the last century, when their divisions led to countless millions of deaths, then there is no hope for anyone! But if we can overcome the problems we are facing and forge a new type of international democracy that can provide stability, security and prosperity, there is a hope for everyone including the seemingly implacable emnities of the Middle East.

So we have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and continue the fight. We have to ensure that the appalling and cancerous politics of the extreme right are challenged at every opportunity and draw attention to the fallacious and frequently dishonest arguments of UKIP and their allies.

The European Union is more necessary than ever to tackle the critical issues of climate change, energy security, peace-keeping and economic regeneration. Of course, reforms are needed and far more attention and resources must be devoted to ensuring transparency, acountability and to telling people how the Union and its institutions work and how ordinarly people can get their voices heard, but we must also explain why the institutions operate in the way that they do and how they interract with each other and with the members states.

We need a debate about the kind of Europe people want and to feed through new ideas that could enhance all our lives. Above all, let’s have an open and honest debate

Peter Luff

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  1. One important thing to note is that the election results in other European countries did not reveal such a suspicion or hostility to Europe as they did in Britain. It shows that the problem can be solved – there is nothing irredeemably wrong with the EU. But it shows also that if we do not solve the problem and encourage greater support for Europe, Britain could simply be left behind.

  2. The European Movement is more necessary than ever. I agree with Richard. We must not be put off by the forces of pessimism in the UK. But we must also work out a coherent strategy in response.

  3. Not for the first time, I am ashamed of my country’s gullibility and stupidity in relation to the EU, which remains a noble idea – besmirched in the UK by media moguls and let down by the declining quality and especially the courage of those who make claim to be in the “political class”.

    I feel trapped, powerless, ignored, betrayed – together with those of my WW2 father’s generation, now that a Fascist represents the NW Region of England. I want to join in political solidarity with those on the mainland and in Ireland who are seriously trying to learn and do better from our joint historical experience – which is largely disgusting and depressing – and I have few methods of so joining, except via the European Movement and the equivalent within my own political Party (Labour Movement for Europe).

    Yet again, I find myself wishing for a Europe-wide political Party structure which is well funded (no, I don’t know where from), and well staffed (ditto) and able to conduct ‘prebuttals’ as well as active campaigns from a plain position of moral strength and from being far better informed on matters EU than I am ever likely to be. Little green men from Mars are more likely!

    Instead, I am forced to listen to Nick Griffin, “my” MEP, extolling the virtues of deliberately sinking boats carrying African refugee’s from Libya et al in order to ‘teach them a lesson’ – and I do not hear a strong European or national voice of condemnation from any central body commanding general respect.

    Slipping down the pathway of ignorant intolerance is not unfamiliar in Europe.

    This is not a position which a rational man can accept – or tolerate – and I do not want to be in this position; I deeply resent those who have allowed it to come to pass, as well as being fearful about where it is going, and I expect and demand action from those who are in a prominent position to give a lead towards the sorts of values which yield hope, not hate, and to a generalised prosperity for all, not a drawing up of the bridges, a rejection of the rest of the world, and a turning out of the light and hope of progress for all. This is not amusing or flowery language: it is that condition of solidarity which avoids blood-letting and horrors, and builds a philosophy of place.

    Because in an important sense, to reject “Europe” is to reject the values and the central ideas produced (never easily!) over centuries in our national states, and which fit together to produce the sort of outlook needed to both make progress, and remain at peace with ourselves and our conscience.

    Is 2009 the year when we begin to dismantle all that?

  4. Nothing since the 9th of June. This is not how a blog is supposed to work. Our role in Europe, including our membership of the European Union, is under attack from all sides. We’re outside Schengen and we’re outside the EU. After twelve years with a government that doesn’t care about Europe we’re likely to end up with a thoroughly anti-European government at the next election. It’s time for some campaigning. Get this blog going.

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