Patience is in short supply and populism reigns

Posted by European Movement on 27/01/15

by Petros Fassoulas, Vice-Chair of the European Movement UK (This article first appeared on By the time the polls across Greece closed, the Greeks had comprehensibly given their verdict on the economic policies applied over the last few years and the political elites that ruled the country since the mid-1970s. It was an overwhelming [...]

Greece: the `1789’ moment – but via the ballot box rather than guillotine

Posted by European Movement on 25/01/15

by Graham Bishop, Consultant on  EU Integration and member of the EM’s National Council (this blog first appeared on The exit polls are predicting an upheaval though the precise magnitude will only become clear as election results are declared formally. It may yet be that Syriza has not won an outright majority in the [...]

Calls for UK exit from the EU are at best perverse and at worst unpatriotic.

Posted by European Movement on 23/12/14

by Laura Sandys MP, Chair of the European Movement UK/// (this article first appeared in the Guardian) Political fashion has left the Europhile out in the cold over the past 10 years. It hasn’t been easy to get air time to articulate a case for a stronger and more powerful Britain shaping politics and policy [...]

How UKIP could seriously damage your wealth

Posted by European Movement on 09/12/14

by Kevin Hannon, Chairman of the European Movement’s Midlands branch /// If UKIP gets the UK out of the EU will that reduce immigration into the UK?  Yes, it certainly will.  But the side effects could reduce much more than the UK population.  The effects of UKIP policy would take time to fully reveal themselves. [...]

Idealism as much as pragmatism are in the heart of the European project

Posted by European Movement on 09/12/14

by Richard Corbett MEP, Vice-Chair of the European Movement UK/// We all know the original idealistic argument behind the creation of the European Union. Some 60 years ago, far-sighted statesman in post-war Europe shared an overwhelming desire to put generations of war behind them, and create a better way to resolve differences among peaceful, democratic [...]

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