Cameron’s ‘EU budget’ mess: the UK political tectonic plates are on the move

Posted by European Movement on 29/10/14

by Graham Bishop, financial policy expert, founder of and member of the European Movement’s National Council. /// Ever since it emerged that the the UK’s contribution to the EU has to increase the issue has assumed a life of its own. The initial “why are we being punished for our success” spin is giving [...]

The EU’s new faces: good for Britain, good for Europe

Posted by European Movement on 03/09/14

Giles Goodall is a member of the European Movement’s National Council and has been a Liberal Democrat MEP candidate for South East England In the well-worn tradition of filling the EU’s top jobs, last week’s summit stands out as something of a mini-revolution. In a delicate and complex (s)election process – whereby 28 leaders must agree [...]

The new European Commission must lead the global shift to sustainability

Posted by European Movement on 02/08/14

by Catherine Bearder MEP, Liberal Democrat, South East of England/// The nomination of Jean Claude Juncker as Commission President has been something of a bumpy process to say the least. However, it’s now time to move forward and see how to make the best use of Britain’s EU membership over the next five years. That [...]

British officials in Brussels and the UK’s policy leverage

Posted by European Movement on 29/07/14

by Gergely Polner, Head of EU Affairs, British Bankers Association/// There have been media reports for years about the decreasing influence of the UK in Brussels. Due to increasing concerns inside the City, we decided to take a detailed look at the problem and design possible remedies. What we have found is different from the clichés [...]

Working in the European Parliament for constituents, Britain and Europe.

Posted by European Movement on 24/07/14

by Glenis Willmott MEP, Leader of the European Parliamentary Labour Party /// After the European elections Labour MEPs are back with more MEPs and at the heart of the biggest cross-European political group of any British party.  I have negotiated some key positions for many of Labour’s 20 MEPs, including an unprecedented two committee chairs [...]

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