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by Petros Fassoulas, Vice-Chair of the European Movement UK (This article first appeared in the Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft Journal) The political stakes in electoral contests tent to be high. Europe has certainly seen its fair share of elections recently where the outcome would define the political landscape way beyond the confines of a Parliament’s… » read more

by Brendan Donnelly, Director of the Federal Trust and Treasurer of the European Movement UK/// During the referendum on voting reform in 2011, it was sometimes claimed by advocates of the present British electoral system, misleadingly known as “first past the post,” that it tended to produce definite outcomes, with clear Parliamentary majorities for the… » read more

By Rebecca Harding, CEO of Delta Economics and member of the European Movement’s National Council/// The foundations upon which the European Union was built suddenly look vulnerable. The 1957 Treaty of Rome and its predecessor, the 1951 Treaty of Paris, laid out two founding principles: firstly, to establish a Customs Union across the Member States… » read more