EU membership: The Local Economic Impact

Posted by European Movement on 15/04/14

by Professor Tony Travers, Director of LSE London, a research centre at the London School of Economics, and Visiting Professor in the LSE’s Government Department./// This article is based on a speech delivered at an event organised by the European Movement’s Local Government Section There will be both local and European elections on 22nd May. [...]

CAP reform process comes closer to completion

Posted by European Movement on 09/04/14

by Dr Alan Bullion, Principal Analyst, Informa Agra /// The adoption of five EU regulations last December marked the end of a two-year decision-making process on reforming the Common Agricultural Policy. But that was still not the end of the story, as they did not clarify how all of the requirements would be implemented at farm [...]

Ukraine’s movement towards Europe

Posted by European Movement on 06/04/14

by Dr Carol Weaver/// The European Union has been confronted with a Cold War style situation long expected by Russia’s neighbours in the Black Sea region. Understanding exactly what is happening can be very challenging due to the massive worldwide propaganda campaign. Also, the main player, President Putin, has many contingency plans and is considering [...]

Truth, Lies and Migrants

Posted by European Movement on 02/04/14

by Roberto Franceschini, Chairman of the European Movement’s Devon branch./// The South West TUC has issued a well researched guide about migration in the region (“Truth, lies and Migrants” South West TUC December 2013). If, like me, you are tired of seeing in the Daily Mail scare stories of migrants swamping us out, their study [...]

The process of EU reform is constant and the Commission is at its centre.

Posted by European Movement on 27/02/14

by Sir Christopher Audland, former Deputy Secretary General of the European Commission/// The debate in the UK has for a while now been revolving around the notion of “reforming” the EU. A lot has been said about improving the way the EU operates but, as it is often the case, the rhetoric ignores existing initiatives [...]

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