How UKIP could seriously damage your wealth

Posted by European Movement on 09/12/14

by Kevin Hannon, Chairman of the European Movement’s Midlands branch /// If UKIP gets the UK out of the EU will that reduce immigration into the UK?  Yes, it certainly will.  But the side effects could reduce much more than the UK population.  The effects of UKIP policy would take time to fully reveal themselves. [...]

Idealism as much as pragmatism are in the heart of the European project

Posted by European Movement on 09/12/14

by Richard Corbett MEP, Vice-Chair of the European Movement UK/// We all know the original idealistic argument behind the creation of the European Union. Some 60 years ago, far-sighted statesman in post-war Europe shared an overwhelming desire to put generations of war behind them, and create a better way to resolve differences among peaceful, democratic [...]

The UK’s EU policy: Progressive meltdown epitomised by ECJ rejection of `bankers’ bonus’ case

Posted by European Movement on 27/11/14

by Graham Bishop, EU Political, Financial, Economic and Budgetary policy expert and founder of /// The pace of collapse seems to be accelerating – and the commercial consequences for the UK may well intensify correspondingly, especially for the City of London. The timeline of the divergence between the UK’s attitude to the EU and [...]

Time to put the UK’s contribution to the EU budget in perspective

Posted by European Movement on 10/11/14

by Kevin Hannon, Chairman of the European Movement Midlands branch. /// Mr Cameron is appalled at the “vast” amount as he called it being asked of the UK as its extra contribution to the EU. This comes from a re-assessment of the statistics of the size of the economies of all the EU countries; which [...]

Life after the ECB’s stress tests.

Posted by European Movement on 06/11/14

by Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Adviser at CEBR and author of ‘Greekonomics’, Biteback Publishing, 2013 /// Has the Asset Quality Review (AQR) and the accompanying stress tests done their job? It is worth reflecting on it now that the excitement has died down, at least temporarily. They had been expected with a considerable holding of [...]

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